emma [ medina, mn baby photographer ]

Have you seen a cuter baby?!  Emma is just about to celebrate her first birthday, and I was super excited to capture her sweetness during this special time.  It's impossible to look at her and not smile!  Happy Birthday, Emma!!!! 


audra + eliza at home [ plymouth,mn childrens photographer ]

Toddlers kind of despise photo sessions.  Disguising one as a princess dance party is so much more fun!  Audra and Eliza are full of energy, loads of fun and beyond adorable!  Want a peek??


bentley [ plymouth, mn newborn photographer ]

Oh Bentley!  Sleeping was definitely not on his agenda... Every baby is different, and that's what I love about my job.  Towards the end, he decided to give in and even cooperated long enough to pose for some pics with his furry sister! 


scarlett [ plymouth, mn newborn photographer ]

Meet Scarlett--- she's perfect, sweet and knows what she wants!  She has been welcomed into a lovely family.  Her first photo session was a success.  Check out the little peek below....


jack.... 3 months later [ medina, mn baby photographer ]

Remember this 11 pound, handsome little man?! 

Well he's approaching 3 months and is even cuter now, if you can image!  I just love this guy!