at home [ cypress, tx family lifestyle photographer ]

Today was a lazy one around here.  Little One hasn't been sleeping at all, which means I am on about Day 5 with little to no sleep.  I have become a zombie, but I know this is a phase and will pass. Pretty soon I won't have any sweet, little babies to cuddle in the middle of the night, so I am trying to enjoy it.  Our daughter is dealing with her second round of double infections, and I feel for her.  Even though she probably feels crummy and doesn't want to be awake either, she is totally happy and sweet, so it is kind of hard to be upset or frustrated with her.  I mean, look at that adorable face and chubby cheeks!  Anyway--- we didn't leave our pjs or the house today.  It was a great opportunity to document some of our regular, everyday moments.  Those are my favorite ones to capture, because after all, they are the ones I will miss the most.  Here are a few from today...... 

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