cypress, tx baby photographer [ SEVEN MONTHS ]

We have been away on vacation for over a week.  I will write more on that when I find some time.  While we were away, Baby Girl turned 7 months!  She has been changing so much lately.  Since Christmas, she has started to crawl, get to sitting on her own, trying lots of new foods, gotten 5 teeth pretty much all at one time, started pulling off every adorable, girly headband I put on her, and she continues to be the sweetest, most easy going baby on the planet!  On our trip, I cannot tell you how many comments we got on how wonderful she is (and on her chubby cheeks!).  ;-)  She was like a celebrity everywhere we went.  I have been really busy and overwhelmed with everything since we returned, but I snapped a few photos this morning to mark her milestone while I folded the 7 loads of laundry from vacation.  Here they are......

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